It's a love story...

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Welcome to Diamonds & Tulips! It is a pleasure to share this work with all of you.  


Highlighting femininity, our handmade garments, jewelry, and accessories express who we are. We work with natural fibers, semi-precious stones, sterling silver, and more. Our desire is to create exclusive pieces that will captivate not only your attention, but also your intentions.


We create content, sharing experiences, and more. 


We love nature, we love flowers, and we love gems. Diamonds & Tulips reflects  our taste. 


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We are passionate about what we love

"What is love without passion?"


D & T 


D & T


Beauty begins at the inner part of each one of us. It transcends outwards and moves beyond; touching hearts, changing lives, giving both love and hope where they are needed most. These are the qualities of a magnificent creation.  


D & T 

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